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15-Feb-13, 12:02
Twenty-four booked in one-day campaign

The head of Northern Constabulary's Road Policing Unit says he is concerned by the number of drivers caught speeding or driving inappropriately during yesterday's ACPOS-led Day of Action, particularly due to the whiteout conditions witnessed across much of the Force area.
On Tuesday police issued a warning to motorists that they would be carrying out a 24 hour enforcement campaign and urged drivers to cut their speed on the roads and drive within the law.
Inspector Neil Lumsden said that there is a clear and established link between speeding and crashes which cause death or serious injury.
During the past 24 hours police detected 26 speeding drivers and nine drivers were dealt with for driving inappropriately. Of that nine one person was reported for alleged careless driving, three for seatbelt offences and five for document offences.
During the crackdown police targeted uninsured drivers, those without licences, those who failed to use seatbelts or those who used mobile phones or handheld devices whilst driving. In addition officers were on the lookout for vehicles which were not fit for the road due to worn tyres or mechanical defects.
Inspector Lumsden said: "Despite the adverse weather we saw yesterday it was disappointing to see so many motorists driving inappropriately and others speeding.
"Speeding or driving inappropriately is dangerous enough at the best of times, without engaging in that sort of driving in poor conditions. The drivers we detected yesterday were putting themselves and others at risk which is totally unacceptable. We will continue to target those motorists who continue to break the law in this way.
Speeding carries a minimum penalty of a 60 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence.
In some instances drivers may be convicted of dangerous driving, lose their licence for at least 12 months and may be ordered to re-sit the driving test.
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