View Full Version : Local COD group

12-Feb-13, 17:49
ok, so lets face it, COD isnt as good without a group of people, and it may be all fine when im playing with american people but the connection is terrible for either them or me. so i figured. wouldnt getting online with locals be better? let me know what you think and leave a gamertag if you want, im getting my internet fixed for the 18th and itd be good to game in a group. and its always more successful then trying to play the objective with random people.

Celtic YNWA
13-Feb-13, 12:44
I've just been playing a lot of league play lately but im game. GT - Celtic YNWA

23-Feb-13, 06:06
ps3 / x box /pc

25-Feb-13, 15:56
Im on the Xbox