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12-Feb-13, 16:51

Police will crack down on you if you don't

THE head of Northern Constabulary's Road Policing Unit is urging drivers to cut their speed on the roads and drive within the law as officers prepare for a new crackdown on those who fail to heed the warnings.
Inspector Neil Lumsden said that there is a clear and established link between speeding and crashes which cause death or serious injury.
Tomorrow police forces across the country will take part in a day of action co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) during which officers will crack down on speeding and target those who are deemed "inappropriate drivers."
These will include drivers who are uninsured or do not have licences, those failing to use seatbelts or illegally using mobile phones or handheld devices. In addition officers will be on the lookout for vehicles which are not fit for the road due to worn tyres or mechanical defects.
Inspector Lumsden said: "Drivers who speed, fail to obey traffic signals and signs and those who use vehicles not fit for the road are putting themselves in and other road users at risk."
"The ACPOS campaign is part of the Force's annual commitment to reduce the number of casualties on our roads. Speeding is one of the main causal factors in road traffic collisions.
"Speeding is unacceptable, dangerous and costly and poses a real risk to drivers, other road users and even pedestrians. Speeding carries a minimum penalty of a 60 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence."
He added: "In some instances drivers may be convicted of dangerous driving, lose their licence for at least 12 months and may be ordered to re-sit the driving test."
He added: "I would encourage all road users to adhere to speed limits, drive appropriately in terms of the road conditions and surroundings. Speed limits are there for a reason – to keep you and others safe and all officers will be out ensuring the law in enforced."
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