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03-Jan-07, 12:45
My Caithness granny used to make me soup for when I came home from school in winter:) It was always very tasty. One she made was a "rice soup" - rice was certainly the main thing in it but I'm not sure what else.
Has anybody heard of this? It was really good and I imagine very cheap!

03-Jan-07, 16:51
This is popular in my family too and very cheap to make. I make stock in the slow cooker overnight from a chicken carcass or chicken pieces, but usually need to add a stock cube as well, as this gives the best flavour,though you can just use stock cubes alone.

Chicken stock
1 Carrot - finely sliced/diced
1 Onion - finely diced
Pudding Rice - the amount of rice you need depends on the amount of stock and on how thick you like it
You just boil bring it to the boil and simmer till the rice and veg are tender. Season to taste and sprinkle with parsley.
You have to use pudding rice as it doesn't work the same with any other kind.

03-Jan-07, 17:09
Thanks a lot -I'll try that -I do remember it was pudding rice in the soup (I don't think our family had any other sort back in those days!)

04-Jan-07, 22:43
Rice soup can be made with chicken stock and any combination of vegetables, but even for a big pan, try not to use more than half a cup of pudding rice or you'll end up with a starchy pan of stodge! :lol:

25-Feb-07, 15:45
I like to make my own chicken broth too - to spice up the rice, one can add a diced apple, diced tomatoes, a TBSP of celery, and a chunk of cheese.
A wee drop or three of (old) wine can offer a distinctive flavour.