View Full Version : Frosty Sun

02-Jan-07, 23:47
This photo was taken on christmas day, there was thick frosty mist, yes its the sun, honest!!!

footie chick
03-Jan-07, 00:04
Great photo. Christmas day was pretty nice weather wise it was kind of mystical. lovely

03-Jan-07, 00:20
eerie photo highlander....hard to think it's the sun!

03-Jan-07, 00:22
I have to agree sassy, i took a treble look, could not believe it was the sun, but once the mist had lifted, brill sunshine.

03-Jan-07, 00:31
Sun, no way, I am of to look for my ping pong bat :lol:

Nice photo!

03-Jan-07, 01:01
Sun what is the sun:lol:

03-Jan-07, 09:53
That is a lovely photo:)

05-Jan-07, 02:10
Good to see someone else was out taken pics on Christmas Day.
This was my first Christmas in Thurso in five or six years (I lost count). I was hoping for some nice Christmas day pictures of Thurso, but not with that shroud of chilly fog.
I decided to drive out past Springpark ( I think it is the back road to Weydale) about quarter to three. Stopped about half a mile out of town to see a wonderful sunset. Managed a few nice shots, didn't hang around too long as it was freezing! Overall a nice relaxing Christmas spent in Thurso.



05-Jan-07, 02:49
Highlander, your frosty sun pic is cool! (Pun intended, lol!) :)

Kopernicus, your two farmland pics are super! Artistic, and very pleasing to the eye! :cool:

06-Jan-07, 14:17
OMG, those are fabulous... shame about the pylons (would prefer turbines, :lol: ) the lighting you have captured is amazing...

As for the sun pic, thats a strange one, its looks like a marble, but that being said, its a very nice picture.

thanks both, for sharing.