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05-Feb-13, 09:12
Accused banged on door after being tricked out of house sheriff court is told

A COURT heard how a wife, anticipating the end of her relationship, played a trick on her husband to get him out of the house then locked the door.
The husband, Thomas McTier, 42, began banging repeatedly on the door of their former home at 14 Vansittart Street, Wick, and was arrested by the police.
He appeared at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday and was remanded in custody pending a background report, after admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and a bail breach.
David Barclay, prosecuting, described how McTier was duped. The couple appeared to have a “volatile, on-off” relationship.
The fiscal depute went on: “Mrs McTier decided that it was heading for the ‘off’ stage and got hold of the accused’s house key while he was asleep. His belongings were packed up and put outside.”
Mr Barclay said that the accused was tricked into leaving house on the pretext that his son wanted to see him. McTier was aware of the door closing and being locked behind him and realised he had been tricked.
The accused had been banned from entering Vansittart Street, Wick under a bail condition imposed on him last month. He was said to have shown the police a text message from his wife enquiring as to when he was coming home for his tea.
Mr Barclay commented that it was for the court to fix or vary bail conditions, not members of the public.
Solicitor Neil Wilson maintained that McTier had only wanted to get back into the house to collect some additional belongings.
Sheriff Andrew Berry deferred sentence on the accused until February 22 for a background report.
He pointed out that McTier, currently staying at Smiddy Cottage, Lochshell, near Wick, had breached bail three times since June 2011 and, two of these had occurred while the accused was already on bail.
Rejecting a fresh bail application, the sheriff added that he had no reason to suppose that the accused, who has a record, would abide by a further order and remanded him until February 22.