View Full Version : NewsBot posts spoil the Business Forum?

secrets in symmetry
02-Feb-13, 15:34
Does anyone else think the dozens of automatic NewsBot posts spoil the Business Forum?

I rarely look in here because of them, so I often miss real posts from real people.

It's not the only section that's spoiled by NewsBot posts in my opinion - I can't remember which other ones are spoiled because I rarely look in them!

02-Feb-13, 15:46
Never really noticed where they are posted... I just use the "New Posts" button to keep an eye on what's happening here...

But I do agree, they should have a section of their own, not all of them are strictly business related.

secrets in symmetry
08-Feb-13, 11:37
The Newsbot threads could be in a separate subsection, like the ones in the Music forum are.

You're the only person who's replied to my post, and only 67 have read it - so far....

I think I have a point....

secrets in symmetry
30-Mar-13, 23:06
Does any human read this forum?

Several local businesses try to post here, but they're drowned out by NewsBot threads that no-one reads.

Look at the views counts to see that I'm right.