View Full Version : Tag was cut off for a joke

25-Jan-13, 09:20
Sheriff casts doubt on winter night prank

A THURSO youth, who violated his restriction of liberty order, alleged his brother cut off the security tag while he was asleep on the back doorstep of his house, "for a joke" and threw it away.
Sheriff Andrew Berry cast doubt on the excuse, saying it was unlikely anyone would have been outside in Caithness, for any length of time, in January weather.
Dominic Long, 18, appeared from custody and admitted breaching the four-month order imposed in November, last year when he pleaded guilty to vandalism and abusive conduct. The tag confined the accused to his home at 7 Ormlie Crescent, Thurso, between 7pm and 7am, daily, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.
Neil Wilson said that the 18-year-old and some friends had gone out to the back doorstep of his house, on the night of January 11. To “socialise” and explained that it had obviously been just too far for tag operators Serco to pick up the required signal.
The solicitor continued: “Long fell asleep and when he woke up at 1am the following morning, realised the tag was no longer on his ankle. His young brother had decided as a joke to cut the tag off, while Long was asleep and threw it into a neighbour’s garden.”
The accused immediately contacted Serco to explain the situation and another tag was fitted.
Mr Wilson said that Long was also currently subject to a community service order and was complying with its requirements.
Sheriff Berry commented: “It would be an extremely brave person who fell asleep on a doorstep in Caithness. Even someone training for a trip to the North or South Poles would hesitate to try to achieve that."
Sheriff Berry allowed Long’s restriction of liberty order to resume but warned him that any further breaches would attract a custodial sentence.