View Full Version : Get Well Soon Bill

30-Dec-06, 20:22
Just read on the main page that Bill and Niall are not well.

It's no fun being ill at this time of year - hope you both feel better soon.

30-Dec-06, 20:27
Best wishes to you both for a Gud New Year and a full recovery .... get tucked in with a wee warm dram

30-Dec-06, 20:31
Sorry to hear this. I've just been given a good anti-cold recipe you might like to try. Consists of ginger (real), clove of garlic, sage, chillies, lemon, all mixed together with green tea and strained. If that doesn't kill all known germs nothing will ;) . You could probably add a seasonal tot.

Hope you both feel well enough to see the new year in (or maybe you're better off tucked up in bed with the above!)

30-Dec-06, 20:41
Get well soon Bill and Niall!

All the best for the New Year!!

30-Dec-06, 21:06
I'm so sorry to hear that Bill and Niall are both unwell just now - what rotten luck !!

Plenty of toddy and rest and soon you'll be having a Happy New Year !


30-Dec-06, 21:09
Oh dear - hope it didn't travel doon 'e wires. My wife and I have been laid up as well with this spent 3 nights propped up to try to sleep as lying down just ended in me coughing my lungs up. Sounded like a 60 a day smoker!!!

Get well soon - so is that recipe for wiping down the surfaces badger? I'll just have the tot ;)

30-Dec-06, 21:14
Wishing both Bill & Niall a speedy recovery.

All the best for the New Year.

30-Dec-06, 21:17
Get well soon guys!


Mr P Cannop
30-Dec-06, 21:23
get well soon bill & niall

30-Dec-06, 21:39
Poor chaps...........nothing worse than feeling under the weather. Hopefully the 'women' are fit to run around and offer all the remedies to get you both back on your feet for the New Year.
Mind you if you are both laid up the 'women' will know just where you are!!!!

30-Dec-06, 21:48
Sorry to read about the effects of the local seasonal flu bug.

Hoping that you are up with renewed energy soon Bill and Niall.

Happy New Year to all.

30-Dec-06, 22:28
Sorry to here your both poorly,hope your better soon.:)

30-Dec-06, 23:00
Get well soon Bill & Niall.

30-Dec-06, 23:11
Here's wishing you both a rapid recovery although some of the remedies offered might be worse than the affliction!

peedie man
31-Dec-06, 00:04
Get well soon Bill and Niall, also Mr&Mrs MadPict, take plenty of hot toddy

31-Dec-06, 00:12
Thet say flat coke helps

31-Dec-06, 00:48
This is a lot of fuss over someone having a bit of a cold isn't it? :lol:

31-Dec-06, 00:54
Get well soon Bill & Niall.

31-Dec-06, 01:23
Best wishes to both of you for a speedy recovery :)

catherine nicol
31-Dec-06, 02:29
A friend of mine insists that the only way he combats the cold/flu symptoms if to add mustard to a basin of hot water and steep his feet so hope that this helps.

It seems to have something to do with the 'reflexology' approach to parts of your body being mended by manipulation of your feet parts.

Hope that you feel better soon and are fit to take in the New Year as you should.

Best Wishes


31-Dec-06, 02:55
Hope you're well soon,that goes for anyone who's had or has this rotten bug.Just keep knocking back the hot toddys.

31-Dec-06, 03:39
For goodness sake, this is about 2 blokes who have the man flu, if it were women had it they would be telt to get on wi things, hope you get over it soon.:confused

31-Dec-06, 06:52
Sorry to hear you're ill, Bill
And sorry to hear you're no weel, Niall!
Hope it winna be lang though,
Till ye've got back yer get up and go!

31-Dec-06, 09:44
Have also just seen the news about Bill & Niall being ill. Get well soon, and a Happy Hogmanay to you both. :D

31-Dec-06, 10:16
Get well soon and hopefully so will we in the paris household. Sickness bug we have. Oh the joys of motherhood ! . jan x

Alice in Blunderland
31-Dec-06, 10:18
Paracetamol, paracetamol, paracetamol, paracetamol (no more than two four times a day ;) ) and lots of rest. Speedy recovery its amazing how man flu can knock you for six . :D

Margaret M.
31-Dec-06, 17:23
Feel better, Bill and Niall. Lots of bugs also going around here.

31-Dec-06, 17:34
get well soon hun

31-Dec-06, 17:43
For goodness sake, this is about 2 blokes who have the man flu, if it were women had it they would be telt to get on wi things, hope you get over it soon.:confused

To all you ladies (we know you are sooo much stronger than us men), my wife has been sick with this cold/flu for almost 2 weeks now and she often cites the man flu jibe at me. So for once, maybe it is woman flu? :eek:

31-Dec-06, 17:48
In which case it is much more serious than I first thought, hope everyone suffering gets better soon

31-Dec-06, 20:15
enters the org, oh no people are sick.
Not funny at this time of year, Chin up guys,
I hope u all get well soon. bigg huggs and kiss's
On second thoughts if its the flu i;ll get it so hey
will these words do for you both...
get well and all the best for the new year xxx