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22-Jan-13, 22:05
Where do you purchase your canvas pictures, posters etc. Would you order them locally if the facility was on your doorstep?

28-Mar-13, 17:28
If i could get them local then yes, i have some from cheshire and i have some a friend did but his large printer broke and now he can only do small stuff and it's only a hobby for him.
The ones done in cheshire were brilliant but it seems that they have sold on the website to some foreigners overseas and i don't want to order from there.

07-May-13, 23:05
I have a large printer capable of producing high quality prints of any length and up to 24" wide. I have a range of fine art paper and also canvas (two types of canvas at the moment). I live in Dunnet and would be happy to provide prints to suit your requirements. Please send PM if you are interested. (I am away on holiday from 9th to 18th May but will reply as soon as I return)