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29-Dec-06, 18:13
Hi has anybody got a good recipe for cooking a piece of venison???

cheers 1961

29-Dec-06, 19:10
I have always treated it the same as beef and it always turns out fine. Just have to make sure it doesn't dry out. Enjoy. :D

31-Dec-06, 23:40
I usually wrap it in streaky bacon and then foil, keeps it moist ,venison chops are GREAT done this way.

01-Jan-07, 12:11
It depends on the cut. Remember it is lean meat so if it is a roast you will need something to help keep it moist.

Chocolate sauce goes very well with it and so does braised red cabbage.

A google search should come up with a few very good options.

02-Jan-07, 11:29
Sometimes we marinade it in guiness,onions and brown sugar, rubbing sugar in well, leave it over night, then cook in a slow oven, comes out lovely jucie and tender no matter what cut:) then reduce cooked marinade, season and thicken if required with a litte cornflour.
all my lot love it , even the youngest who can be picky.

03-Jan-07, 10:03
I cover mine in strawberry jam and cook on a low heat for around 3 hours, then remove to rest whilst I make gravy by adding a little red wine to roast tin for a sweet rich gravy.... I like it!

11-Jan-07, 13:25
I rub a little olive oil all over to stop it drying out as it is a lean meat and then marinade overnight in red wine and a dozen juniper berries, the following day I cover the roasting tin complete with venison & marinade in a double layer of tin foil and cook long and slow.:)