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11-Feb-05, 15:50
as question says what is the best chinese to goto in wick, have a choice of 4 and can never decide which one to use

Mr P Cannop
11-Feb-05, 17:56
try them all to see what one is the best ??

11-Feb-05, 22:14
Not in the same night though!

The one in Cabrelli's old place - something Dragon? does a cracking business lunch.

The Pepsi Challenge
12-Feb-05, 00:29
What's a business lunch? We are talking about Wick... aren't we?

12-Feb-05, 00:51
It's where a bunch of people meet to gossip about stuff that's none of their business. Very common in Caithness i believe.

The Pepsi Challenge
12-Feb-05, 18:25
Ah, right. OK.

postman pat
12-Feb-05, 19:31
I always use the New Hong Kong, in Dempster Street, never had a bag meal from it yet :D

The Pepsi Challenge
12-Feb-05, 19:57
Is there an Italian restaurant in Caithness? Or an Indian?

13-Feb-05, 10:09
Is there an Italian restaurant in Caithness? Or an Indian?

No Italian but we do have K2 the Indian takeaway and restaurant in Wick and the currys are ace :D

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Feb-05, 17:19
A prize opportunity, then, for an Italian restauranteur. But like all the dentists in the world - you won't see many of them in a hurry to venture north.

14-Feb-05, 10:07
the reason i ask is cos i've had a bad meal from all of them so kinda puts you off them.

i would love it if an itallian restaurant came to caithness it would be a nice change from all the other same menus in caithness

03-Aug-05, 17:12
:lol: i can solve ur problem.
just go to Thurso and go to chrlie chans its way better lol