View Full Version : recommendations please for holiday

elastic band
13-Jan-13, 02:08
Hi folks,
looking to go away for 2 weeks in September -want ideas for somewhere clean, hot, nice food and rooms and if poss somewhere adults only section. Not able to spend a fortune but if anyone has been somewhere lovely say an all inclusive deal please could you pass on your ideas / experiences etc. First time away without kids and hoping for a romantic break with nice resort and chance to just chill out.

any advice etc appreciated -if poss looking at not much more than 1,000 each or as close to this as able

13-Jan-13, 14:00
We stayed in the Bouganvilla in sa coma Majorca two years ago. Was fantastic. Friends of ours stayed there last October & really enjoyed it aswell

15-Jan-13, 18:08
barcelo santiago teneriffe!
lovely clean hotel! food gd!
all inclusive!
best holiday i've had!
quiet resort! just 2 chill out!