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28-Dec-06, 11:28
I tried this for Xmas Dinner, it went down a treat and is very easy.

a decent sized Ham with the rind on
soak in cold water for 24 hours to get rid of the salt

Place in a large pot with a bay leaf and top up the pot carefully with both apple juice and cider (I used the cheapest dry cider that the Co-op had.)

Bring to the boil, then simmer gently for 2 to 2.5 hours, take care to top up with cider frequently.

When cooked carefully remove the rind, leaving as much of the fat on as possible.
Score the fat with a knife lightly in diagonal stripes. Leave to dry.

Prepare a glaze of one Tablespoon of a Dijon type Mustard with couple of teaspoons of honey, and glaze the fat.

Place in a oven 200c Gas 7 for 25 mins, remove and let cool.

Then enjoy.

28-Dec-06, 17:17
Thanks Golach, that sounds delicious. I'll definately be giving it a go.

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28-Dec-06, 17:26
Did much the same , must have been watching the same tv prog.

It was delicious, will try it again, before next Christmas

28-Dec-06, 19:06
I'm making it for New Year and calling it grumpy owld ham. :eek:

29-Dec-06, 13:21
take care to top up with cider frequently.

Me or the ham ?? :lol:

29-Dec-06, 19:22
Me or the ham ?? :lol:
:) what a surprise !!!

29-Dec-06, 20:04
I'm making it for New Year and calling it grumpy owld ham. :eek:

think it is not only a good recipe but a good choice of name for it!!:lol:

31-Dec-06, 18:18
Cooked it yesterday and sliced it cold today ready for the New Year sandwiches ~ absolutely delicious! Thanks again golach. :lol:

30-Jan-07, 21:21
I found this recipe the other day not tried it yet.

2kg Mild Cure Ham/Gammon joint
1 onion peeled and cut in half
2 litre Bottle of Coca Cola (Real Coke not the Diet stuff)

The Glaze
a fist full of cloves
1 tablespoon o' Black Treacle
2 tablespoons o' Mustard Powdrer
2 Tablespoons o' Demerara Sugar


Stick the Gammon is a big pot.
Add the onion and pour in the Coke
Bring to the boil and reduce the heat to a simmer. Lid on, but not too tightly and cook for approx 2.5 hours
Preheat the Oven to 240c / gas mark 9.
Remove the skin from the joint leaving a thin layer of fat.
Score the fat with a sharp knife to make diamond shapes and stud each diamond with a clove.
Then carefully spread the Treacle over the skin. Gently pat the Mustard Powder and Sugar on to the sticky fat and stick into the oven. Leave for 10 mins or so until the glaze is burnished and bubbly, then serve to your Family and pals.
Sounds Yummy