View Full Version : Hogmanay Quiz ?!! 8.30pm

27-Dec-06, 18:35
Is anybody going to be up for the Hogmanay quiz?

If you like we could leave it to the New Year as I'm not sure how many people will turn up.

If you are up for it, I will come on around 8.30 to see how many people are there. ;)

30-Dec-06, 20:46
I got nothing better to do Piglet, the least I can do is turn up to your quiz when you did mine!!
Not sure if hubby will be there as we are now back to sharing one laptop!! Who wins?!?!

I DECIDE!!!! LOL!!!:lol:

mums angels
30-Dec-06, 23:10
I will try to be there but the kids are getting to stay up so can't promise. Maybe bobsgirl can give me a ring just before to remind me:lol:

30-Dec-06, 23:16
No there is a point mums i must mind & put a note up to remind mysel cos if not i will forget lol that would be good :lol:

31-Dec-06, 10:49
I shall see if I can make it - but it could make for a very frosty evening in the Ricco household. ;)

31-Dec-06, 23:12
We missed you Ricco.

Thank you Piglet for a fantastic quiz. It got a little congested there with people arriving and leaving. Many hugs were shared around the room. But you stuck with it and all ended very well.

01-Jan-07, 00:16
Thanks Canuck & everyone else that came to the quiz.

Thanks for not being to hard on me seen as it was my 1st time as quizzie. :D

The scores were

1st Bob's girl with 24 points

2nd Wellies with 23 points

3rd dark angel with 19 points.

02-Jan-07, 21:15
Remind me never to drink while doing the quiz again!!!

02-Jan-07, 21:18
Yeh i know how you feel Bobsgirl thats how i won and all :lol:

It did seem like a good idea at the time lol

03-Jan-07, 15:33
Just like to say thanx to Piglet for the quiz on Hogmany...It was great...and to everyone else that was there aswell..It was my 1st time in the chatroom quiz and i came 3rd Yay!!! Hope to do it again soon! Thanx all..Made my Boring hogmany..Not so boring!!!


mums angels
03-Jan-07, 15:58
Enjoyed the quiz , thanks piglet. Was LMAO when bobsgirl won again....she just can't help herself...:Razz

Look forward to next week :lol:

03-Jan-07, 22:24
As of after next week, I will think about stopping the quiz for a while since I keep putting my foot in it. Will let others win!!

04-Jan-07, 15:08
You know you just can't help yourself, you love being quizzie Bobsgirl. lol [lol]

04-Jan-07, 16:48
Yeah right!!!
I quit!!

04-Jan-07, 17:59
Yeah right!!!
I quit!!

You dinna mean that really.:roll:

We all enjoy the crack at the quiz. Just wouldn't be the same without you.:Razz