View Full Version : Barn owl

27-Dec-06, 01:23
Just thought i would share the pleasure i had seeing a barn owl in the garden last Saturday evening. It was beutiful, my little girl was most impressed, as we watched it sitting in a tree for quite some time........ahhhh, it was lovely.

27-Dec-06, 21:57
Yes the barn owl is a fine bird.
Was quite unusual in Caithness but now seems well established here. Did you find any pellets under its perch?

27-Dec-06, 23:13
We found one that had managed to get trapped in our derelict building. Although my daughter has one in an aviary, it's always nice to see them wild and it was really nice for me to see this one fly off.
It;s quite suprising what wild birds of prey there are up here. We've seen a few different types of owls.

28-Dec-06, 21:36
see barn owl back of dunnet beach /forest ofen

28-Dec-06, 21:52
Where about did you see the barn owl?

29-Dec-06, 04:02
The Barn Owl was in my garden - Castletown, it was the dog that pointed it out to me.