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25-Dec-06, 14:48
In the early hours of Christmas Morning the Godfather of Soul "James Brown" passed away aged 73. After 50 years of contribution to the musical world sadly he donned his cape and said goodbye for the last time and will be a huge loss but of course through his music and performance he has already become immortal.


Brown would routinely lose two or three pounds each time he performed and kept his furious concert schedule in his later years even as he fought prostate cancer.

"He'd always give it his all to give his fans the type of show they expected,"

Rest in Peace JAMES BROWN

K dragon
26-Dec-06, 11:53
just wish to pay respect to the godfather of soul.


26-Dec-06, 13:58
Just heard the news last night.

The Music world has lost a legend

The Pepsi Challenge
22-Jan-07, 19:40
Not in tribute, but anyway...


22-Jan-07, 23:54
Someone told me the other day that he has not been buried yet, his body is on ice because they are arguing over who will pay for the funeral arrangements, or they will not release money from the estate for legal purposes or something, crazy?

The Pepsi Challenge
23-Jan-07, 02:08
Sad. Everyone wants to know what they're cut is going to be. Just like Elvis, James Brown had his fair share of hangers-on and sycophants.