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31-Dec-12, 01:55
Come along to any of our classes in January and you can join for just 1!!! (plus weekly fee) and you can pick up a free recipe book aswell!! Classes start back on Thursday the 3rd! (evening class only in Thurso)

Our new classes are on the following days and times in Caithness and Sutherland! I look forward to meeting new and rejoining members and of course seeing my lovely already committed members!!

Tuesday - WICK - Neithercliff Hotel - 5.15pm (weigh and go from 5.45pm-6.00pm)

Wednesday - GOLSPIE - Cabberfeidh Hotel - 5.30pm (weigh and go 6.00pm-6.00pm)

Wednesday - HELMSDALE - Community centre - 7.30pm (weigh and go 8.00pm-8.15pm)

Thursday - WICK - Norseman Hotel - 10.00am - 10.45am weigh and go ONLY class!

Thursday - THURSO - Free Church, Milbank Road - 6.15pm (weigh and go 6.45pm-7.00pm)

Saturday -THURSO - Caithness Horizons - 10.30am (weigh and go 11.00am-11.15am)

Please note times are for a full class, these last round about 20 - 30 mins. A weigh and go session is offered at the end of each class if you are unable or do not want to join the full classes. Children are also welcome to come along with you to any weigh and go session for your convenience!

Let's make 2013 the year for a happier, healthier, brighter future!

Laura :) x

31-Dec-12, 02:22
What are the costs involved for newbies :)

31-Dec-12, 03:00
Hiya it's 1! To join and then 5.95 weekly fee! And that's it! You get your positive eating plan book included in the price it has details on how to do the plan and lots and lots of recipes in it :)

31-Dec-12, 13:41
Can a newbie ( well rejoining after long time) just come to the weigh and go class on the first time?

31-Dec-12, 19:22
Yes of course just come to whatever suits you! The first class to get your induction takes a wee bit longer than if you are just weighing and going but it's just the first week it takes a wee bit longer :) hope this helps x

01-Jan-13, 18:28
Hi is it the same class leader ????

02-Jan-13, 02:09
I have been doing the wick class for the last few weeks before Christmas my name is Laura :) I have been doing the Thursday class in Thurso now thou since May iots of members lots of targets being met, love taking the classes! Hope this helps xx

02-Jan-13, 03:15
ALSO keep an eye out in the daily record this month they are supporting Scottish slimmers!! With us both being "Scottish" :) they have offers and free pullouts too. X

02-Jan-13, 10:00
When in jan does it start Cheers

02-Jan-13, 15:19
The wick classes start back next week Tuesday the 8th or Thursday thr 10th. Is it for the wick classes?

03-Jan-13, 12:48
First Thurso class back tonight! Free Church, Milbank road at 6.15 :)

04-Jan-13, 19:31
C u on the 8th

04-Jan-13, 20:03
Brilliant see you then :) xx

04-Jan-13, 20:06
New Thurso class starting tomor Caithness horizons 10.30am. 1 to join plus weekly fee so that 6.95 altogether to join and for that you get your fabulous pep book which shows you how the plan works and has lots or recipes in it! PLUS you get our new recipe book that's just out for FREE!!!! :)

08-Jan-13, 11:02
Wick Class back tonight Neithercliff Hotel 5.15pm. Hope to see you there, take advantage of our join for a 1 offer and get our new recipe book absolutely free!!!!! :)

09-Jan-13, 11:24
In Helmsdale and Golspie tonight :)

10-Jan-13, 14:34
Thurso tonight. Free Church, Milbank Road at 6.15pm see you then :D

14-Jan-13, 01:47
follow my classes and updates on Facebook :)


20-Jan-13, 03:20
This week in classes Join for 1 is still on (will be for a couple of weeks yet), BUT its your last chance this week (ends 27th Jan) when you join to also get our new recipe book Lightly Scottish for FREE when you join or rejoin! Don't miss out on this fantastic offer :)