View Full Version : Co-op Dividend

24-Dec-06, 20:41
Has anyone recieved their co-op dividend vouchers that we normally get in Dec?? Because I haven't?:(

24-Dec-06, 20:42
Yep i received mine at the end of November but some received a cheque instead.:roll:

24-Dec-06, 20:46
Aww right, nope never got a thing, a bit disappointed as normally get about 20 and it comes in useful for xmas! Nevermind at least there is Tesco!!!

24-Dec-06, 21:01
Co op seem to have had a massive problem when they switched over to the new cards.Alot of people me included are still waiting.Have been told to phone the help line but haven't plucked up the courage yet as its going to be complicated I can just sense it.:(

24-Dec-06, 21:03
Well i usually get around 10 but only got 3.34 in vouchers. :(

Managed to get a box o chocs.

footie chick
24-Dec-06, 22:33
I've had a card for years but only changed my card in July apparently I change it too late to get any dividend in time for christmas I'll get it in the summer instead.:roll: It better be worth waiting for.

24-Dec-06, 23:56
Got ours and it was only for a measly 4! Thought it would be a lot more as we bought a tumble dryer and have insurance with the Co-op!:(

25-Dec-06, 00:19
Poor show here too, but I was assured that it was all I was due.

25-Dec-06, 00:30
Some people also got way too much dividend.Example..My friends hisband who never uses his Divi card got over 30 worth of vouchers. Also some people had way over 80 dividends..I think there has been a massive mix up somewhere.:roll:

25-Dec-06, 22:35
I got 52 share of profits, but no divi yet