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21-Dec-12, 12:16
Ill feeling sparked pick-axe handle street assault

BAD blood between two brothers came to a head in a Wick street when one of them attacked the other with a pick axe handle.
It was wielded by Steven Bruce, 33, who was fined 200 and also given a six-month good behaviour test after admitting charges of assault and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.
Bruce stopped his car in Henrietta Street, Wick, on November 29, after spotting his brother Alexander walking to work. There had been longstanding family disputes involving accusation and counter accusation, Wick Justice of the Peace Court heard yesterday.
The accused got out of his car and began chasing his brother, while brandishing the pick axe handle. He caught up with him and struck him, repeatedly on the body. David Barclay, prosecuting, said that fortunately, the victim sustained only a small cut on his left forearm.
The fiscal depute added:"The accused threw the pick axe handle into the river."
In addition to the fine, Bruce, of 85 Seaforth Avenue, Wick, will have to demonstrate he can behave himself for a six-month period.

Speeders fined

TWO Caithness drivers were each fined 200 for speeding on a 50mph limit stretch of the A836 at Murkle, in the county.
They were Theresa Watt, 31, of Valleyview Cottage, Murkle, who was clocked travelling at 76mph, on November 3.
Katherine Weller, 24, of Greenacre, Sibmister Road, Murkle, also fell foul of the speed limit, driving at 78mph, on November 16.
Both accused pleaded guilty, and each incurred five penalty points.

Nightclub assaults alleged

A YOUNG Wick woman is to stand trial following incidents at a local nightclub at a local nightclub, during the summer.
Zoe Gardner, 20, of Wellington Avenue, Wick, pleaded not guilty, to two assaults. The charges allege she grabbed Laura Miller and Jena Larnach by the hair and punched them, at the Waterfront club, on June 24.
The accused’s trial was fixed for January 17.