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22-Dec-06, 20:17
The Peat Fire Flame
by Henry Henderson.

A fire of wood is very, very good
And so is a fire of coal,
But for light and heat, a fire of peat
Is hard to beat on the whole!

What joy and mirth, on a wide open hearth
Is to see a peat fire flow,
When Boreas forth from the wild frozen north
His trumpet loudly doth blow!

O for heat and light on a winter's night
Give me a good peat fire
Since a fire of peat is hard to beat
When the Storm Fiend tunes his lyre!

On the middle of the floor as it was in yore
How I would welcome the sight
Of the peat fire's flame that would put to shame
Wood or coals on a wintry night.

Oh, leeze me then be it butt or ben
To see a peat fire glow
On a well swept hearth, when the age old earth
In wrapped in a shroud of snow.

And the frost is keen, and the stars are seen
Like diamonds glittering bright
And songs are sung by the colleens young
Who come on a ceilidh night!