View Full Version : Soulless man

22-Dec-06, 18:42
I have blocked out this window,
I see no sunlight, but can feel the snow.
Above me stars Twinkling in the cold night sky,
But this girl does weep, as life passes her by.
My mother moon she does shine bright,
She smiles upon me, I lay down my fight.
Come closer I may make you quiver,
A little closer can you feel me shiver?
Certain things, survive in eternal night,
My Soulless man are you shunned by my light?
I sought out the man of all men,
Under the night stars I thought of him then.
Its all about balancing myself,
never about becoming some one else.
If this is so then why do I feel fake?
To you I give my Soul it was yers to take..