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22-Dec-06, 12:13
Hi all

We have managed to find somebody willing to organise and run The Big Gig in 2007

Org username K dragon, otherwise called David Hobbs is going to head up The Big Gig and sort out the direction and plans for the event.

So Thurso Town Improvements is delighted he is taking this on and hope we will get as much, very appreciated support as we did this year with David in charge from all the local music scene

He's going to have a think now for a wee while to come up with a plan of action and will hopefully get time to keep everyone up to date on the org in the New Year.

He can be contacted on Blackheart2002@aol.com

So THE BIG GIG goes on - -

TTIA would like to thank you all again for all your help this year, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

22-Dec-06, 13:53
Yeah, we (Colin) were playing in the Hollburn last night and he was there and we had a chat. Was really encouraging to have someone just come up and check out other kinds of music and new bands as maybe it is a bit harder for us as we play indie which seems nowhere near as popular as things like heavy metal, especially in Thurso.

So the best of luck to David.

23-Dec-06, 01:13
Good luck David

23-Dec-06, 04:39
yeah all the best sorting it out man, yuo had best keep me posted on whatever is going on with everything man, n as usual ANY help i can offer all you gotta do is ask

08-Jan-07, 13:38
Colin, (the band)

Yeah i was in the holburn that night you were playing aswell, i really liked your choice of music, and yes ill agree i dont hear any other bands playing that kind of stuff. I see absolutely no reason why not though.

Ill be seeing you again at the big gig then!!

08-Jan-07, 18:24
Thanks very much glad you enjoyed it!! yeah wel see you there!!