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21-Dec-06, 20:51
Story of a Journey.
On a Highland Bus being stuck in a snowdrift near Sharkley, Halkirk.
March 1947

By R MacKay

On Thursday nicht in frost an snow
From Thirso toon a bus did go
Wi' ma freend Wullie at 'e wheel
A richt good-hearted Kaithness chiel.

We bumped along 'e rod til Wick
An' Edith checked wir tickads quick
An' when we thocht we wir in luck
Near Sharkley, faigs, wir bus got stuck.

''Faur is my shiffel ?'' Wullie cried
An' Edith she at once replied
''Nae need tae kick up such a fuss
There's no a shiffel on 'e bus''

Tae Sharkley then, poor Wullie ran
He sprinted lek a hunted man
Poor Edith's feet wir cauld as leyd
'At night we a thocht we'd be deyd.

Two helpers back wi' Wullie cam'
'An howked 'e snow withoot a dram
But fat a chob they hed til do
Afore 'at heilan' bus got through

A tip ah'll gie ye drivers a'
'Gin there's anither fall o' snaw
Dont think ah'm rude or e'en uncivil
Please dinna sail withoot a shiffel.

21-Dec-06, 22:44
Trinkie, that was a winter and a half, I can remember my father and his pair of Clydesdale horses pulling cars up a hill, the horses could get up and down the hill no bother, my first winter away from Kaitness :~(

21-Dec-06, 23:33
These poems just go on getting better trinkie..thanks again