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21-Dec-06, 16:29
The Road of Life
by R MacKay.

We a' gang doon the same ro'd
The cheery ro'd, the dreary ro'd
The thrang ro'd, the lang ro'd
That leads ro frien's an' Hame.

E'en tho' its oft a weary ro'd
A licht ro'd, a dark ro'd
We shouldna leave the auld ro'd
That leads to frien's an' Hame.

For some it is a sad ro'd,
Wi' ups and doons a bad ro'd
While others get a gran' ro'd
The whole ro'd Hame.

But mind ye it's a sure ro'd
The rich folks an' the poors ro'd
The sinners an the saints ro'd
It takes them a' Hame

So ave kept to the true ro'd
The gay ro'd the grey ro'd
The bendin' ro'd, the endin' ro'd
That leads to frien's an' Hame.

An' sing a sang the whole ro'd
An' fling awa' yer care lo'd
Until ye reach the last ro'd
And rest wi' frien's at Hame.