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20-Dec-06, 20:29
Christmas Fireside Prayer
by Ro Wena

The children sleep. The night is still,
The tree is trimmed. The carollers fill
This hour with beauty, as they sing
''Glory to the newborn King!''
Here in the firelight now we sit,
A trifle weary, resting a bit -
A grateful pair who count our wealth
In terms of happiness and health.
Tonight we offer a silent prayer
Of thanks for blessings that we share;
Our children warm and snug in bed
Safely housed, protected, fed.
Sturdy, smiling girls and boys
Tomorrow will be filled with noise!
But in this quiet interlude
Relaxing to the midnight mood,
We dream and pray that future days
May find us blest in humble ways.
And may His Love and Peace abide
In all the earth this Christmastide.