View Full Version : A cool game on the net!

19-Jun-02, 17:09
Hi all,
I just found this site where you manage your own band - you budget for them, sort out gigs, make singles and albums etc etc oh and you compete with everyone else on the net whos playing - in charts - i think i'm about 37655 or sumfink on the charts!! heheheh. One day in real time equals one week in game time and you get allocated points every 3 hours - you need points to do everything cos they represent time. It's really addictive but a good laugh :lol: :lol:
The site is - www.rockstargame.com if you don't want to get sucked in then don't go!! For everyone else - see ya in the charts!!

17-Jul-02, 20:20
nice 1 ill give it a go

The Munros
26-Dec-02, 23:49
Have tried out this URL. Pretty good fun. Give it a go if you like strategy games.