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lynne duncan
20-Dec-06, 11:04
where would you recommend downloading music, which download site
looking for country music in particular
but don't want a monthly charge

20-Dec-06, 11:31
The Apple iTunes music store is probably the best one online at the moment, you are charged per track (normally 79p) or an album is about 8 and the track can be saved to 5 different computers or burnt onto a CD (which wipes the DRM so then can be ripped w/o it). Its pretty easy to use and set up. It is also american based so has a good selection of country music.

20-Dec-06, 12:44
I have seen in the press gift cards for iTunes. Any idea of a local seller to get one in time for Christmas??

20-Dec-06, 13:00
We get ours from Tesco Music on line excellent value for money

lynne duncan
20-Dec-06, 16:10
i think you can get the itune vouchers from argos

20-Dec-06, 18:35
You can get them online - http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore?family=iTMSmusiccard

20-Dec-06, 18:42
www.limewire.com download free bundle

20-Dec-06, 19:18
www.limewire.com download free bundle
Personally i wouldnt bother with file sharing websites its fill of spyware and virisis plus its ilegal and u have to remember its not the website committing the crime its the user and it all can be tracked back to ure own computer its a bit like puting a rope around your own neck.

20-Dec-06, 22:25
i think you can get the itune vouchers from argos

will try there tomorrow as I now need it for Christmas day. Thanks.

21-Dec-06, 00:05
Can't you get them in woolworths?

21-Dec-06, 00:06
i get all my music extremely cheap from www.allofmp3.com.

21-Dec-06, 00:52
October 2006

Credit card company Visa International said Wednesday that it has suspended service to music download site allofmp3.com, the latest setback for the Russian company accused in the U.S. of pirating music.

"It's no longer permitted to accept Visa cards," said Simon Barker, a Visa International spokesman. "The action we've taken is in line with legislation passed in Russia and international copyright law."

November 2006

Russia has agreed to shut down Allofmp3.com and other music sites based in that country that the U.S. government says are offering downloads illegally.

The nation has struck the agreement with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative as it seeks entry to the World Trade Organization. The U.S. has suggested that it would hold up Russia's acceptance in the WTO unless leaders there took action against digital piracy.