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19-Dec-06, 20:27
Walter ai Chemist

by F. Harper. c. 1954

When I fell doon an cut ma leg there wis only wan thing till do
Hirple doon till Walter's shop cos I could only wear wan shoe.
He hed a look and cleaned the cut wi' stuff that made me squirm!
Then bandaged it up wi' a dollop o' lint and tied it on richt firm.
Back home I limped on ma good leg, ma mither's airm aroon me
She snuggled me up in the beeg ould chair - the cushions nearly drooned me!
My leg got better, a week went by, then off doon till Walter's again
I'd fallen an hurt my head this time, cos I landed on a stane.
A lump came up as beeg as an egg, Walter hed a look till see
Then placed a penny on the lump and sent me home for tea.
The lump went doon in no time at all an' I wis left wi' the penny,
But Walter said twas for me till keep, but No More, cos he hadna any.
Some weeks went by, I wis no very weel and hed a richt bad cough
Mum wrapped me up in my warmest clothes, but Losh I felt richt roch
As doon till Walter's we made wur way, I looked a sorry picture,
But Walter hed a magic cure --- a nasty broon Cough Mixture.
I bowked and bowked as I took that stuff two spoonfuls at a time,
It was dark an thick an strong an soor and tasted o' rotten slime.
I lay in my bed for a good few weeks, tryin hard not till cough
But Walter's cure hed done the trick, and I had had enough!
Then one fine day I was up again and off roon the back till play
But David MacKay threw a stone at me - the rest I dont have to say !!

Weel - doon till Walters wi' my cut head..............