View Full Version : Caithness schools amongst speed checks

28-Nov-12, 16:44
Concern over irresponsible drivers

NORTHERN Constabulary are conducting targeted speed check in the vicinity of each of the 29 secondary schools within the Highland Council area.
Wick and Thurso are included in the safety drive which follows feedback officers received at the recent Highland Youth Voice Conference.
Young people, taking part in the engagement sessions, made it clear that they were concerned about irresponsible driving around their schools, particularly speeding motorists.
The targeted activity began on Monday 19 November and will continue until Friday 31 March. The outcomes will be fed back directly to the young people following analysis of the findings, so that they can have a better understanding of what is happening around their schools.
Chief Superintendent Julian Innes said; "I am very grateful to the young people who engaged so positively with Northern Constabulary officers at the Highland Youth Voice Conference. I remain impressed by the maturity and quality of the conversations we were able to have and am persuaded by their genuine road safety concerns when travelling to and from school.
The police spokesman continued:"Road traffic collisions involving young pedestrians around schools are very rare, but if we can work with our communities to make our children feel safer then that is what we should do. This enforcement action is a direct response to young people's concerns and I genuinely hope that no motorists are found to be speeding."
The Highland Council Leader, Councillor Drew Hendry said: "The Youth Voice is an important sounding board for all Highland public agencies. Their concern about cars speeding near schools is shared by councillors. I commend the police for their swift response and hopefully their action will make our schools safer places.