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27-Nov-12, 23:40
Publication doesn't exist say police

Northern Constabulary is advising local businesses to be aware of a potential scam that has been reported to them by a member of the public.
The scam involves a phone call, from or on behalf of the police, offering work specific to the recipient's type of business. They are then given an offer of an advert within a Northern Constabulary magazine/publication for a fee.
Northern Constabulary will not call and offer these types of services. Police would also advise local businesses that there is no such magazine or publication in circulation where paid advertising is a feature.
The Force magazine, Northern Light, is produced in-house, is available for free and does not feature advertising of any sort.
If anyone receives these types of call we would advise members of the public to note down any specific information and end the call. Any reports of these types of activities should be reported to Police on 0845 600 5703.