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18-Dec-06, 21:10
Friday's E' Nicht !
by Achawa.
c. 1952

Friday nicht's 'e nicht o' nichts,
'E length an breadth o' Caithness,
When Thirso loons aye leave e' toon
Til dance elsewhere in Caithness.

Til Watten, Week and Castletoon,
They hie til meet e' lassies,
Til Halkirk, Reay and Murkle too,
They speed their cars and bussies.

'E Trooser crease wid cut yer throt,
Their gleamin' shoes wid blin' ye,
They're richt smert chiels on Friday Nicht,
When they go til 'e country.

Their hair sleeked doon, their Yankee ties,
Clean hankies in their pockads,
'E doorman ken them all by sicht,
When they ask for their tickads.

'E country lassies watch them come -
Chist listen til their chatter
'Ere's Donnie and Willie
At reyd chiel - he's fae Scraibster'

'E band strikes up an eightsome reel
'E Thirsa boys are pechan,
But ye can bet they're no beyt yet -
They'll sev some wind for waltsan.

An' when that parting moment comes,
( An mind ye id's only richt )
'E whole World stops and Time stans still -
In Caithness - on Friday Nicht .

19-Dec-06, 19:16
trinkie where are all the amusing dialect poems coming from. Do you have a book, are they family ones?
Either way I'm enjoying them immensely please post any more you have.

19-Dec-06, 20:07
i think this is great... good one x