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18-Dec-06, 20:43
The Canisbay Crofter at Christmas
by Chimmagie MacGonagle.

c. 1950

They made me Feyther Christmas at the Christmas Fair
An' all the village children came an' crooded me there,
They in their Sunday clothes, and me in robes o' red
It thawed ma ould hert to hear 'e warm things they said !

Wi' houngry eyes devourin' me, they pressed ma wizened hand,
An' breathless asked their questions o' a far white land.
A felt A should be askin' them an no them askin' me,
An ME a poor ould man believing only fit A see !

But when A took e' red robes off an' poor ould me appeared,
The bairns shooted ''Turnip Feyce'' an' ran awa' an' jeered !