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18-Dec-06, 20:24
The Road O' Life,

by Sanny St Clair.
c. 1951

The road has many ups and doons,
Gey often id's heavy goin,
For Fortune's smiles are matched wi' froons,
An' whiles she's unco thrawn.

There's muckle care along 'e road,
An' plenty pain an a'
The he'rt gets a dirifu' daud
Wi' loved anes taken awa.

Ye'll stub yer toe an' skin yer heel,
An' stumble oft or fa'
While frien's ye thocht were fine an leal,
Turn until folks o' straw.

Aye - Life is hard till understan'
An' ill at times till thole,
An' sore we need wur Faither's han'
To guide us till wur goal !