View Full Version : Road Safety Week...a time to reflect on your driving

20-Nov-12, 17:24
Campaign is aimed at making motorists better drivers

ROAD SAFETY week runs from 19 until the 25 November 2012, a period when Highlands & Islands (Labour ) MSP and local road safety campaigner, David Stewart says all motorists should reflect on their driving habits.
He said “ For the past two years those of us in the North Of Scotland Driver Awareness Team (NOSDAT), have tried as much as we can to address the serious issues affecting road safety. We have tried all methods to see if we could persuade the Government to introduce a graduated licence scheme, backed up with 10 years of study by Dr Sarah Jones from Cardiff University. We set up our own web site www.sensibledriving.org.uk (http://www.sensibledriving.org.uk/) on which all our work is documented. I am delighted that just over this past few days, national television channels, national broadsheet newspapers and the motor insurance industry have all jumped on board an all are calling for a form of graduated licence to be introduced.”
David Stewart continued “We are about to launch with partners in the community, our ‘Switch on to Safer Roads Campaign’ which will target the motorists who fail to switch on their dipped headlights in poor visibility. Thereafter we are planning to launch our ‘Prevent Frustration on the Roads’ campaign, which encourages drivers of slow moving vehicles to pull over and let faster vehicles passed, followed by some work in relation to our drivers with poor vision campaign. All our efforts and that of other road safety agencies are geared at education, education, education”. He continued “ Education alone will not work, that is why the Police have to use enforcement as part of the road safety tool box of measures. I am hoping that with the high profile education and Police enforcement methods that most drivers will become enlightened and make our roads safer. In short, we call this the three E’s. Education + Enforcement = Enlightenment”.