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20-Nov-12, 08:56
Accused kicked police officer and made racial comment

A FAR NORTH man assaulted a police officer and made a racially-aggravated comment to him and a colleague.
Unemployed Donald Hirst admitted the offences when he appeared from custody, yesterday, at Wick Sheriff Court which remanded him for a social inquiry report.
Hirst, 52, lashed out at Constable Alistair Bryce, kicking him, after the accused was detained on an unrelated matter, at his home at 5 Moray View Terrace, Occumster, on Friday.
While being processed at Wick police station, later, the accused referred to Constables Bryce and Sgt Brian Hamilton as “Scottish Nazi s”, described by his solicitor, Neil Wilson, as “an ill-judged comment”.
Mr Wilson added that the accused had become distressed about his detention and felt that the arresting officer had gripped him “rather tightly”.
Hirst, who has a record, was granted bail and will be sentenced on December 17.

Fined for breach of the peace

A FISHERMAN was fined 100 for a breach of the peace outside a Thurso pub.
An interpreter was engaged to facilitate the case involving Denis Petkevics who appeared from custody and pleaded guilty.
Petkevics,20, was arrested after the incident, on Sunday, which occurred after he left the Newmarket Bar along with another man. The pair who had barged into each other, earlier, had words, struggled and fell to the ground.
Solicitor Neil Wilson claimed that the pair were equally to blame. The other man had been waving his arms around and the struggle ensued after Petkevics, of Shore Street, Thurso, tried to stop him doing so.