View Full Version : Latest aurora time lapse and other nightscape lapses :).

04-Nov-12, 20:37
Hi guys.
Latest aurora time lapse over Sinclairs Bay from 01/11/12.


Moon rising over Girnigoe Castle and Noss Head lighthouse shot the same evening.


Milky Way passing over Duncansby Head Stacks.
Note bright meteor at right hand side close to the end of sequence, and smoke dispersing in the atmosphere after meteor strike. This was shot at 10 October 2012 so it's most probably meteor from Draconid meteor shower.


For best experience watch on full screen with HD quality.

Hope you will like it.

05-Nov-12, 17:19
WOW! these are absolutely amazing!

argyle kid
05-Nov-12, 18:08
Hi Maciek,

WOW again, thank you for letting us share your work.High standard as usual

Regards AK.

05-Nov-12, 18:48
Thanks guys, glad you like it :).

John H
06-Nov-12, 22:30
Some magnificent views - thank you.

07-Nov-12, 19:06
Great work Maciek.

I'm looking forward to getting some tips from you next month (www.spanglefish.com/caithnessastronomygroup/news.asp (http://www.spanglefish.com/caithnessastronomygroup/news.asp)), to then give this a try for myself.

07-Nov-12, 23:16
Thanks Gordon.

I will try to share my knowledge on the subject as good as I can, and I will speak about tips on shooting and processing and hope to see your clips shortly after the talk :).