View Full Version : Old Photo's of Latheron,Achastle, etc.

M Swanson
31-Oct-12, 00:12
Hi All,

Since I discovered that my father's family originally came from Caithness, I've become very interested in the area. I wonder if anyone has any black and white, or sepia photo's that I may look at please? I'm fascinated with the lifestyle of people in the 19thC and their history, but Google has very little to offer, that's related to Achastle and Latheron. Spittalhill has recommended I try and obtain a copy of 'The Book of Lybster,' but as yet, I haven't been able to trace either volume, to purchase. I'd be very grateful if anyone has any old photo's to post. Many thanks.

31-Oct-12, 16:27
You might want to take a look here - http://www.johnstoncollection.net/default.aspx. As it says on the welcome page, a lot of the photos are studio portraits, but you might find something of interest.

M Swanson
31-Oct-12, 23:32
Thank you very much for the link, Linnie. It contains many photographs that appeal to me and I shall certainly place an order. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be one of Achastle, but Spittalhill kindly sent me a copy of a cottage there, so all is not lost and I'm grateful. I read a little of the Johnston family, which was very interesting and I'll follow this up. Not only is Caithness beautiful .... it also has a rich, fascinating history. Thanks again Linnie. :)