View Full Version : Quiz Night December 17th 8:30pm

14-Dec-06, 18:43
This Sunday folks, bring your best encyclopedias, biscuits and appropriate christmas tipples.

Last week was my first and strongly recommened anyone who hasn't been in before to come along to the chat room and join the fun.

mums angels
15-Dec-06, 22:24
Will be there Antediluvian - don't make it too hard will you !!! Good luck, see you there:D

15-Dec-06, 23:35
Good fun! Have missed the past few weeks quiz, so am ready for some laughs.
I've got choco biscuits to share. -H

16-Dec-06, 00:32
Not difficult at all, could talk for hours on dozens of tech things but looking for friends, and could do with break. Half the quiz will be festive, and hope everyone learns something new.

I will be in caithness for the quiz, so will take some of those biscuits Bob!!!

16-Dec-06, 13:26
I've never managed to catch this......a set time will get me there and i'll take a virtual choccy biccy and bring some mince pies:D

16-Dec-06, 23:04
Should be a good one! love the idea of festive questions!!
I will bring the coffee!!

mums angels
17-Dec-06, 14:40
Ohhh please don't bobsgirl , get hubby to make it instead , then i won't have to send it flying across the floor again ......LOL:Razz

See ya there ....

17-Dec-06, 15:59
Bobsgirl said that was TEA actually, you don't drink coffee!!!

mums angels
17-Dec-06, 19:05
No you're right Bobinovich i don't drink coffee, i've heard she makes good coffee...shame I don't touch the stuff :lol:

*whispers* bet you still make it better , eh bob?????


17-Dec-06, 22:49
Well done to everyone who played tonight. Delighted to post the scores.

1st Bobsgirl - 22 Points
2nd Bobinovich - 19 Points
3rd Foxy - 18 Points

Didn't realise the focus required, but will know if I get another shot.
Hope you all had fun - I certainly did

17-Dec-06, 23:36
It was a great quiz Antediluvian - some questions were harder than normal but, hey! that's what Google is for [lol]

WD Bobsgirl!!!

17-Dec-06, 23:38
Did have fun tonight thanks Antediluvian, great quiz!
I should have realised to slow down with the festive questions! Lol!

If there are not enough people next week then we may have to leave my quiz until into the New Year!!!
I know I am busy myself on Christmas Eve but will make sure I get things done during the week to allow for the quiz time!

mums angels
17-Dec-06, 23:47
Well done Andte for a great quiz....:lol: at least you didn't have technical difficulties ..LOL

WD to bobsgirl for winning *laughing* I'll be there next week but don't mind if its put off due to it being Christmas eve.

18-Dec-06, 04:21
Excellent quiz Antediluvian, thank you. The questions were challenging so next week I'll be working on my googling skills ;) .