View Full Version : An Egg Butty

Cedric Farthsbottom III
14-Dec-06, 01:10
I was workin away the day
Ma belly was rumblin like mad
So I went to the work canteen
To see what goodies could be had

A dodgy wee sausage like a jobby
A bit o bacon that wisnae any better
But there before me wis a fried egg
Wid I have it wi dairylea or a feta

But cheese disnae go wi an egg butty
An Egg butty is the Boss
Wi the fat drippin oot aw the edges
Along wi the tomato sauce

In the toilet next day i exploded
A mushroom cloud up to the rafter
A nuclear explosion from my bumhole
Just like in "The Morning After".

15-Dec-06, 00:43
my kind of poem