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25-Oct-12, 20:32
Hi .Org 'ersKit Houses - What are the Caithness folks recommending for...... company's that supply new build kit houses in the county?Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.:-)----

26-Oct-12, 21:48
norscot high quality

28-Oct-12, 23:08
county joiners

white lightning
30-Oct-12, 13:15
Hiya YDE Homes built our home contact Don Mackay 07887927880

08-Nov-12, 18:47
hi foxred, Allan from Craigie joinery did all the joinery work on our 6 bed house including making the kit frames and i couldnt recommend him enough. His work is second to none, his attention to detail in the actual finishing work is faultless. Others ive spoke to cant sing his praises enough and i would say hes up there with some of the best in the county! Worth giving him a ring even just for a chat or to get a quote as he was very reasonable compared to norscot and others i tried. His webpage is www.craigie-joinery.co.uk (http://www.craigie-joinery.co.uk) and has a facebook page with lots of pics of his work. Good luck with your build

11-Nov-12, 18:14
Robert Gordon Joiner makes kit homes at very reasonable prices tel. 07920106504 or email rgjoinery@btinternet.com