View Full Version : bank row memorial garden

12-Dec-06, 23:08
Anyone been to the bank row memorial garden AGM on Monday 11th?
Whats the progress?
It would be a lovely site , so near the harbour.

27-Aug-08, 19:36
I do not live in Caithness - any update on what is happening to the plans for this?

Would like to know as cousin of lady who lives nearby was one of people killed on this air raid, she would like to know what is situation - lady is fairly elderly and would like to visit the site to see changes and how the area has been developed, she has not been back to Wick for many many years.

lynne duncan
27-Aug-08, 21:22
pass it on a friday night picking the children up from jam club, the banl row memorial site is beginning to look gorgeous they have newly laid some caithness flagstone and the site is looking very neat. will take my camera and take a photo if you want and post the photo so you can see the area

28-Aug-08, 11:39
Thanks Lynnne
A photo would be much appreciated - can pass it to the elderly lady across the bay from me. Se often asks how it is going as I sometimes pass the Groats to her and some of the Groats had ages ago about the garden but there has never been any real follow up or dedication ceremony that I noticed.
Many thanks again for your kindness.