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12-Dec-06, 19:08
Just a thank you to those cars who slowed down for me tonight at around 4.30pm on the A836 Dunnet - Mey Road. They must have thought I was a crazy person waving wildly at the side of the road. One of our horses went through a fence and panicked and bolted off along the road with part of the fence attached to him. I just wanted to warn those travelling along the road that they may come across a horse running wildly about the road. A kind lady managed to coax him back along the road towards us and we got him back home safe and sound. I really appreciate the co-operation of the cars who did slow down for me. I won't mention the ones who didn't!
Thanx again.

12-Dec-06, 19:18
Oh poor horse..Hope it is ok!. It would have been dark then too. Some Drivers are just inconsiderate!

12-Dec-06, 19:24
He seems to be fine, thanx, no cuts or injuries, he'll be a bit stiff tomorrow no doubt. I have to say that the majority of cars were really good, and the ones who didn't slow down in fairness, probably didn't see me cos it was pitch black and there are no lights on that bit of road and I didn't have time to get a fluorescent jacket on. I had to just run and hope to god I got to the cars before they got to him, which luckily worked out fine in the end.
Thanx again.

13-Dec-06, 01:26
I know what you mean....I had to stop and help someone being ill when a local doctor tooted behind waving his arms about as he was held up for less than one minute!!!!
So glad your poor horse is ok, he must have been so frightened.

13-Dec-06, 10:37
god am i horse lover and i would have hated if anything happened to your horse thank god he is ok. give him a big kiss of me lol.

13-Dec-06, 11:04
Slightl off topic, but one night on my travels from Wick to Thurso on a dark night, I was behind a car and could see what I assumed to be a pathetic excuse for a bike light - it was red, so surely travelling in same direction!? Imagine the gluff I got when I realised it was a father, child in buggy and two other small children on foot - not a light piece of clothing between them. I got such a fright and it was a miracle that they weren't killed. The pathetic attempt at a light could easily have been a small reflector on a post. The car in front obviously didn't realise what was on the road either as I barely noticed the people until they were a couple of feet away. Luckily the car in front managed to slow in time or it could have been a very different story.

Topotheuk, I understand you never had time to grab any reflective clothing, but this gent blatantly risked the lives of his children and himself. I don't know how I'd have lived with myself if I'd hit them :(

13-Dec-06, 11:24
I Never ever take my horses out on the road without reflective gear, but when he took off I had to try and follow him immediately to try and get an idea on what direction he was travelling in, so that I could get to him and get him off the road. My other priority was to try and allert the traffic asap, because I couldn't live with myself if my horse was the cause of any accidents.
I think it's just starting to really dawn on me as to what could have happened last night. It really doesn't bare thinking about.

13-Dec-06, 11:37
What an awful situation you found yourself in - thank god everyone was ok.
I've found myself in a similar incident before although thankfully it was during daylight hours. I'd fallen off the vets hunter while out exercising her in some woods in Nottinghamshire and the horse bolted for home - unfortunately this meant her crossing a main dual carriageway.
There must have been someone watching me that day cos as luck would have it, the road was empty!!!!!! Boss wasn't best pleased though. :~(

Try not to spend any time worrying about what could have been, you'll make yourself unnecessarily ill, just thank god you're all safe and no one was hurt.

I hope you and your horse make a full recovery from the trauma.:)

13-Dec-06, 11:48
You were totally correct in what you did topotheuk - not just for your horse's sake, but for the drivers aswell. I'm sure they would have been thankful that they had been warned had they encountered your horse.

Hopefully your horse has settled now and forgotten whatever gluffed him.