View Full Version : is there anyone locally who can fix a cracked ipod touch 4th gen screen

14-Oct-12, 12:28
as title says, daughter dropped it last night and cracked screen, is still working but screen is a bit shattered top left corner
hopefully there is thanks

14-Oct-12, 13:17
I got a HTC wildfire screen from Amazon - tools and adhesive strip from ebay. Instructions via youtube and it worked just fine.
Check out - there'll be instructions online - it might be do able yourself.
Good luck

10-Nov-13, 11:49
Is there anyone in Thurso that can replace a screen on my I pod 4th g. I have a new screen just need someone to fit it.

14-Nov-13, 22:20
If you're on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StMagnusMobile?fref=ts