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13-Oct-12, 11:50
The Caithness Arts Index (http://arts.caithness.org) has posted the following article:

Gaelic speakers urged to 'use it or lose it'

Gaelic speakers were yesterday urged to make the most of their language skills to ensure that a key part of Scottish heritage continues to grow for future generations. Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Russell will speak at the world renowned annual celebration of the Gaelic language, the Royal National Mod (Am Ṃd Nàiseanta Ŕoghail), in Dunoon this evening. ... [Read Full Article (http://arts.caithness.org/article.php?id=1034)]

baileys Bhoy
13-Oct-12, 19:00
In my experiance Gaelic speakers get discriminated against here in Caithness.

13-Oct-12, 19:47
They're not - but a lot of people do object to public money being spent to promote it.

14-Oct-12, 10:10
If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Which is right. :)

At least Arthur Peanut stepped down due to total incompetence. It took him a long time to realise it despite me telling him so often. :D

14-Oct-12, 11:02
Does it really matter if the language dies out?
What's important is that people can communicate with one another & at present the English language fulfils that role quite nicely.

14-Oct-12, 12:23
In my experiance Gaelic speakers get discriminated against here in Caithness.

Is it discrimination? If you address me in a language I don't understand, how can I serve you?

It's made more complicated by the fact that all Gaelic speakers also speak English, which I do understand.

Actually, no-one's ever spoken to me in Gaelic, so I've never even had the chance to discriminate against them.

Beat Bug
14-Oct-12, 16:19
Sometimes a so-called 'dead' language can be a useful tool in understanding where our modern day language comes from. I learned the Irish Gaelic at school, and am now learning the Scottish Gaelic. They are very similar, and sometimes almost identical. I'm not learning it to 'keep it alive' or communicate with others, I'm learning it just because I want to, and in doing so I'm keeping my brain alive!