View Full Version : what else are you having for christmas dinner?

12-Dec-06, 16:07
seen as we have a what meat are you having thread, thought i see what we all having for starter and pudding.
im thinking of the usual soup and prawn starter, but was thinking of may be making my own pate, not sure yet. i really should try and decide.
and a relative who is having dinner with us is making the pudding, but probably get a christmas pudding too, but was thinking of making something myself seen as we have 10 for dinner, but i aint the best pudding maker.
so whats everyone else having,m just so i can may be steal some ideas.

12-Dec-06, 16:15
We are having home made pate for starters courtesy of Delia and Xmas pud and Squidgey Chocolate log for dessert - the Squidgey Chocolate log is a great and impressive starter and EASY too - again courtesy of Delia!!!

12-Dec-06, 16:19
it was delias coarse pork pate recipe i used a couple of weeks ago and it was really yummy, but was may be thinking of a liver one this time

12-Dec-06, 16:27
Probably salmon mousse, prawn cocktail and lentil soup. as for pudding the wife decides on that one.
I have made my own pate for the last few years and it was very good, only trouble is I far make to much of it.

12-Dec-06, 16:36
Whatever Mum dishes up :D:D

12-Dec-06, 17:52
Soup and prawn cocktail for starters (boring, i know but its the first time I've ever cooked a christmas dinner :) )

For sweets I'll probably make an Orkney Fudge cheesecake and a pavlova of some sort. Plus I'll buy in a Christmas Pudding for those that like it.

12-Dec-06, 18:07
Probally not bother with a starter Straight into a plate of steak chips and onion rings followed by probally traditional christmas pud and pavlova. And this year I can wash it down with a dram of some sort as I am not working later on. I will be on boxing day but As long as I dont overdo it it will be fine.

George Brims
12-Dec-06, 18:08
Courgette soup to start (I'm pretty tired of it but the kids insist). Christmas pudding of course, and a chocolate mousse is to be attempted this year (recipe suggestions welcome).

With the turkey, semi-illicit British sausages wrapped in Irish bacon. And mashed rutabagas (anyone in Caithness know what those are - answers on a ten pond note please).

Billy Boy
12-Dec-06, 18:17
[quote=George Brims;171744 mashed rutabagas (anyone in Caithness know what those are - answers on a ten pond note please).[/quote]


doesnt everyone know it's a bit like a neep,sorry couldnt quite get it on the back lol [lol]

George Brims
12-Dec-06, 18:26
Actually it is a neep - a swede to be precise. Over here they are very wee though, and quite often have those nasty woody bits.

12-Dec-06, 22:54
We'll have prawn and smoked salmon for a starter.
For dessert we'll have pavlova and biscuits and cheese. :)

12-Dec-06, 23:03
Whatever Mum dishes up :D

Ditto! Hopefully though, that means MammaBurd's delicious home-made sherry triffle [hiccup] .... it's the thought of that trifle that gets me through the year [lol]

12-Dec-06, 23:45
I hear we are having a lovely ham and homemade ravioli. mmmm, nice to have Italian in-laws.

Haven't heard what's for dessert. Sassy, what's on the menu?

13-Dec-06, 00:03
I'm waiting to be told!

Such anticipation having the whole Christmas meal prepared for you...........quite looking forward to it.

But if I was cooking.............we'd be having homemade French Onion soup, Melon or orange juice, and for dessert, homemade Blackcurrant cheese cake(my speciality), bought in Christmas pudding , Sherry Trifle or Fruit Jelly Flan.

You note I have a sweet tooth!

mums angels
13-Dec-06, 00:21
Not cooking the whole big turkey this year because its just me and the kids (hubby and folks have left me for christmas:( ) but have bought a single turkey joint for me and the kids to have with stuffing balls, veg and loads of chipolatas and gravy:D and will just have icecream and xmas pud for afters - kids never did like the trifle or strudle!!

Hope that you all have a wonderful christmas dinner, whatever it is your having !!!

13-Dec-06, 00:25
so whats everyone else having,m just so i can may be steal some ideas.

Turkey mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i cant wait..!

13-Dec-06, 00:52
Just trying to work out what to make

A selection of finger foods, like prawns, baked brie parcels with a sweet chilli/mango/pineapple dip and a fresh cranberry sauce for the oldies or anyone that can't take the heat, or for something more festive, blackpudding fried with sage and apples and goats cheese. Maybe something lighter might be griddled melon with a sweet cracked pepper syrup

Mains, Turkey as usual, Honey glazed Ham roasted in mulled wine served with a jus, I want to make brussel sprouts roasted with leaks, bacon and butter. Also a leg of lamb marinated in rosemary and mint and make a nice gravy out of that.

Desserts never easy, Baked alaska, chocolate fondue, maybe a trifle, might make own christmas pud, at least will know its well loaded! Maybe something lighter might be a citrus sorbet, have christmas pud and hot butter rum later when everyone has recovered

13-Dec-06, 00:56
Homemade yellow pea soup,turkey with all trimmings and hopefully trifle with synthetic cream if bakers will give me it

13-Dec-06, 10:46
Starters smoked salmon and southern shrimp
Desserts sticky toffee puds, christmas pud (made earlier in year) triffle and
Delias Black forest gateau(nice and squidgy!!)
No one can agree on puds so make loads:D