View Full Version : Teen found in drunken stupor

08-Oct-12, 13:41
Fourteen-year-old got adult to buy him vodka

A TEENAGER found drunk, had persuaded an adult to buy the alcohol for him.
Alexander Durrand admitted the offence at Wick Sheriff Court, today, and was fined 75.
The 14-year-old had been hanging around the One Stop Shop in the town's Wellington Street, with some older friends, aged up to 16 years and they had earlier persuaded another customer to obtain tobacco for them.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that Durrand,(60) had bought some items and was leaving the shop when he received the drink request from the 14--year-old who gave him cash with which to buy a bottle of vodka.
Mr Barclay continued: "The reason the offence came to light, was that the teenager was found in a drunken stupor, later the same day, having been drinking the vodka. There is no excuse for the accused's behaviour, but the group of youngsters had been actively enticing adults to buy items for them from the shop."
Solicitor Jo McDonald said that some of the group were known to Durrand who was regarded as "a soft touch" .
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Durrand, of 15 Wellington Street, Wick, that he was sure he had grasped the seriousness attached to adults buying drink for children because of the difficulties it posed for them and others. The accused was said to have sought help for a drink problem.
* Durrand was amonished on an unrelated offence of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner on June 17. The court was advised he had since stayed out of trouble and there had been no further problems with a neighbour he had shouted and swore at.