View Full Version : Report called for on stabber

05-Oct-12, 20:06
Accused believed victim was spreading rumours about him

Campbell Freeman stabbed a man because he believed he had been spreading rumours about him Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
It happened when he paid John Goodbrand a visit one night at his home in Ormlie Road, Thurso.
Mrs Goodbrand told her husband who was at the door and after he realised his visitor had a knife, tried to close the door and a tug-of-war ensued.
Freeman, 48, managed to get it open enough to put his arm through and stabbed Mr Goodbrand on his left hand..
Freeman appeared from custody and admitted, on indictment, the assault which occurred on June 30, and a record. Sentence was deverred until October 22 for a background report.
Mrs Goodbrand telephoned the police and Freeman, described as a prisoner at Inverness prison, was arrested.
Mr Goodbrand had stitched inserted in the cut which he was advised by medical staff, would leave a scar.
Solicitor George Mathers said that Freeman claimed that Mr Goodbrand has been spreading rumours that "something was going on" between the accused and Mrs Goodbrand and this had sparked the incident. The accused denied any involvement with her.