View Full Version : No invite to the CHaP party

11-Dec-06, 14:01
I know there are some that will say "OH no not again " but i am looking for info from those connected to the CHaP in Wick .Mainly its to do with how many of you were charged to be connected to the system and if you are happy ??

Now an update on the questions that i asked CHaP,well its been over a month since i wrote to them and still no reply .However Councillor G Smith (CHaP Boardmember) did sent an e-mail stating that AS FAR AS HE WAS AWARE Pulteney Distillery did not put any money into the CHaP kitty. However they were providing the project with hot water in the short term until the Boiler House was completed...Very good of them !!
He also said that he would have to get clearance from Edinburgh as the answers to my question could be company sensitive etc ......
Don't see how as its funded by taxpayers money ...I think they are just stalling..
I do hope that Councillor G Smith or any Boardmember will be able to explain why a Company that will save 50% on its heating bill is not a major contributor to the project ......
Maybe i should ask SANTA to send me the answer for XMAS ....