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31-Jan-05, 16:51
Thurso band Boss Hogg will be playing in Glasgow on Friday the 18th of February. If anyone is going to be in Glasgow at this time, or knows anyone that'll be in Glasgow at this time and fancies a bit of live music, then we would be greatful for any support.
All times and venue details are below.

Venue - Rockers, Midland Street, Glasgow (round corner from Wetherspoons Crystal Palace)
Time - 8pm
Price - FREE

Hope to see afew Caithness faces there.

The Pepsi Challenge
31-Jan-05, 17:47
Hi Darren

Hope all goes well in Glasgow. Am a music journalist, so if I can manage it, I'll get along to cover your gig.


By the way, do you know Boss Hog is already the name of a famous New York City band featuring Pussy Galore's Cristina Martinez and the Blues Explosion's Jon Spencer?

01-Feb-05, 09:38
Thanks Pepsi challenge. Hope to see you there.

Yeah we're aware the name has already been used, but seemingly because of the different spelling it doesn't matter. Also because of the different style in music and geographical difference we thought we would stick with it just now. We might change it in the future, who knows.


03-Mar-05, 13:33
How did it go? My new band are playing Liverpool Academy Sat 5th March if there's any expat Caithnessians around here!

03-Mar-05, 16:19
Hi Mike.

Gig went VERY well thanks. Been asked back on the 20th of May and also were approached by a Glasgow promoter about some Cathouse dates (thought he was just talking the talk but got an email from him today)

Good luck for your gig in the Academy. Let us know how it goes.

The Pepsi Challenge
04-Mar-05, 20:19
Watch out for the Cathouse, Boss. They're pay-to-play scumbags. You don't need to be held hostage by them - no matter how much you want to play there. All the best, though!